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Breather bag delivered—How to match to rank temperature?

Nanci B

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Hi everyone! 

hope you and your fish are keeping cool these days. I just got an order of shrimp (safe and sound), but I don’t know how to get the breather bag to somewhat match the tank temp. 
Currently, the breather bag is 4 degrees cooler than the tank. I have always used  the plop and drop method of putting fish/shrimp in my tank, but these are short nose shrimp and this company is the only place I could find them. 

So how do I do this? 

Thanks in advance! 

Nanci and the shortys


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Thank you. I did watch this video, but although there is a breather bag pictured next to the regular plastic one, he actually doesn’t go through the steps for the breather bag specifically. 

I did see a different video that directed you to pour the whole breather bag into a separate container and then float that container in the tank itself. So I am off to look for some type of container that I can do this with. 

I really appreciate your help! 


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All went well. They are doing just fine. On a side note, some of these shrimp are eating black beard algae, but not touching the blue green algae. But I just looked at the notes on the algae identification page and evidently I can use a medication to assist with that. 

I should have gotten more shrimp. Now I wish I had gotten 20,  instead of 10. 

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