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How I reach an admin

Brandon p

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On 7/21/2022 at 6:45 PM, Zenzo said:

@Brandon p You can always send me a message. I try to get to messages the same day, or the next if super busy. 

Thank I really a appreciate you have advice on some post before. I meant to just put you name in not with the a@. I’m going to take the advice from last time at think about before I post or run it by someone. Something is bothering me about a few things here but i think I’ll msg a few mentors here as see before I ask. I have great respect for your time and the others and am sorry to wastes it today. If I still gel this way after talking to a few people I’ll talk to you. Thank you for the time. I’m so sorry I don’t want to mess up being here and time msg help. 

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