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The First 100 days


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I don't think I have ever learned as much about keeping tropical fish in planted community aquariums as I have during the last 100 days. I am really glad to have found this forum back on July 14, 2020.

The people here have been so helpful and interesting. So many different skills from plumbers, engineers, waster water treatment, ceramics, technology, media, science and many more.

Happy 100th day forum!

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Agreed as well. I have learned so much to include things outside of the hobby. Like how everyone is very helpful and peaceful when lending advice. I never thought I would get into this hobby so much but it has grown to be a passion. I am eager everyday to scroll through the posts so I can learn more and patriciate in the discussion when I can. I like this format better than Facebook. 

I feel like everyone on here is like NERM family. 😄

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The content on here is from a variety of people with differing skill levels and a full range of interests in the hobby.  The comfort that comes with getting answers and replies from people that range from "in my experience" to full on topic breakdowns with sources provided is invaluable. I also enjoy that is a space where people can create and share content that they might not otherwise. @Cory what do you think of your contribution of this forum to the community? Is it what you expected? How has it surprised you so far? We're 100 days in, where do you see it going from here? 

And thank you @Daniel. You are a pillar in this community. You not only provide interesting content, but I always see you offering help and insight where ever you can.

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