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Betta with Swim Bladder (I think)


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Hey guys

I've got a Betta that about 5 weeks ago I noticed has a lump on one side and never swims around like he used to.

Now he struggles to stay afloat at all and spends all him time either lying on the bottom of the tank or on one of the many plants I have in the tank.  The only time he swims is when he darts up to get a bit of air or I try to feed him.  When I do try to feed him, I can see him struggling to stay up at the top.  Today he got one pellet and missed the second one twice and then sank to the bottom exhausted.

Over the 5 weeks I have tried many things.

1) 3-4 days of fasting followed by peas in case it was constipation.

2) 3 rounds of Epsom Salt baths

3) increased temperature

4) used anti bacterial medication called Melafix

5) small amounts of high protein eg frozen bloodworms.

6) Indian Almond Leaves


Nothing seems to work and it's heartbreaking to see him struggle to swim only to sink and rest on the leaves.


Attached is 2 frames from a video I took of him about 5 weeks ago during one of the Epsom Salt baths. You can see the lump on the side.

I'm thinking I may need to euthanise him but it's a heartbreaking decision and I don't want to prematurely end his life if there's something else that may fix him.  At the same time, he currently doesn't have a life - resting and then darting up for air or food is not a life and I'm not sure if he is in pain.

Any ideas? 

fairy floss.jpg

fairy floss 2.jpg

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Sorry to hear your betta is not recovering. From your post you have tried a number of recommended things to try and help. Is it possible to keep the water level low so he doesn't have to swim so far to the surface? This might help him live in a bit more comfort. 

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Looking at were the growth is it could be a  tumor or benign growth  the only thing  treatment wise you could do a course is a of maracyn2 in food active ingredient  is minocycline has proven active at shrinking some types of lumpsIMG_20220714_201455.jpg.100bb9dec4f68021d9fe1540682f74d1.jpg

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