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Pale Sick Bronze Cory


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I have a sick Bronze Cory and I’m stumped on what to do. He started turning pale 2 weeks ago and basically scooting along the bottom of the tank. I also noticed he wouldn’t eat. I moved him to a quarantine tank treated with some salt and pazipro. (I had already treated the whole tank with general cure before he got sick) I waited a couple of days and so no improvement so I did a water change and started treating him with kanaplex. Still no improvement. As a suggestion from my lfs I started erythromycin and we are currently on day 2 of that. I am keeping the lights off of him as that does seem to stress him. Any suggestions?


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Update on my Bronze Cory 

Still have no clue what the problem is besides it’s swim bladder related. He swims along the bottom because he sinks if he comes off the tank floor. He is still in qt and has shown some interest in food; mainly Xtreme pellets. We did 2 rounds of erythromycin and are now trying sulfaplex. At this point I don’t know what else to do except keep trying. 


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