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I just found this freshwater natural aquarium documentary


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It might already be well known, but it wasnt to me, and might not be to other relative newcomers.

it appears to be one of a series.


it shows many of the fish we keep in their natural habitat with stunning underwater photography.


i thought I would share it.

Other than enjoying it I have no connection to it.


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The biggest takeaway for me was near the beginning.

comment that in the area they were filming, Venezuala there are two seasons.  The rainy and dry season. And in the rainy season the rivers and lakes overflow their banks and flood vast areas.  The fish migrate to these flooded areas to spawn.  When it starts to dry up vast vast numbers of fish dont make it back to the river.


Within months the water evaporates and they become feed for birds, terrestial animals, or fertilizer.  They never survive to reproduce themselves..


I have had twinges of guilt over the thought of keeping fish in the relatively small confines of a glass box with higher fish density than the wild, but there is no question it is a better quality of life than struggling in a drying up puddle until feeding the birds of the air after living a matter of months…

High plant density, floating plant cover reasonable species school size and varied diet from day to day including live food, predation free environment, and curated water quality seems to me more attractive.

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Venezuela is a beautiful country with an amazing diversity of landscapes and vegetation types (and water conditions as well)!  I hope the filmmaker is doing well under the challenges that nation faces right now.  With such wonderful places, fish, and people, I can't help but hope for a brighter future for the whole nation (I'll admit that I always hope that for everywhere though). 

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