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Fissidens bryoides distrubtion

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Following along with some of @Daniel adventures (seriously jealous of the banana plant find, agree they're some of my favorite aquatic plants) and in need of some moss for growing out fry, I've decided to try and collect some from nature. I found a reference to some of the mosses in Rocky Mountain National Park (I'm in Colorado) but can't find any info on narrowing down it's distribution in state. I hike a lot and don't get to combine hobbies very often, so this seems like a fun scavenger hunt. I'm hoping someone has a better reference that can narrow down where to go, or if not that, just some general advice on what environments I should be targeting (like lakes vs streams)?

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I would also be very curious about this being as most lakes and rivers and ponds have a whole lot. Morning I'm different than our tanks parameters and such. I would wonder if you would have to Corentin the Moss before putting it in your tank. You know, go through the boiling process like driftwood I. Word from lakes and such going fishing. Ann went through the boiling and soaking process, but. Yeah, I'm very curious myself.

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