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Snail shells, trash or treasure

Brandon p

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For you snail keepers do you remove the shell from your dead snails? I have a pretty relaxed view on these things and  have several tanks with one that I have for people to view. The rest in breed an “play” them. I leave the shells in the tank. They dislove in my water pretty fast and the snails will spend lots of time on some species. Here is what I’m talking about.

E8370306-84EE-45AC-B13D-CABED95EED9F.jpeg.1a391ca9bcd9b297940b4d0d53ca3999.jpeg9FF78283-92BC-4683-B822-73F4EC1EE6E6.jpeg.2b631b49ce3c76629338999781bf57c6.jpegsorry about the glass I’m working about on it. 
The first photo is about a shell from a channeled apple snail They are big I’ll post a photo of them at them just so you can see but I don’t want the post be about them. I had these snails in a 200g and I kept the shells for my sons giant hermit crabs. I toss them in the tanks and let them decay. I also leave the shells of the mystery snails, ramshorn and Malaysian snails.  In the second photo is all that is left of one of these shells along with a I believe a small welk shell(saltewater snail) the are in the soils everywhere here. I will use the m to glue plans to when I first plant them and the slowly break down. I have hard water but with almost zero calcium. The only shells that don’t break down are the very hard Malaysian snails. Which I would not recommend as feeder snails. Other than looks do think there is a problem with it.? 


here are the size of the apple snails. We have 4 here one is native but these photos are a post I made before about exotics but there here just for size. I would get them from the canals. 38C6D4EF-477B-495C-A1AB-46C3AC21E21A.jpeg.015a358ce21995a48317240bc03d2575.jpeg42CD4996-EE97-4C57-9FB6-5E4F9C4DA856.jpeg.c7e28b3dce208a755209bd34bcd2e79f.jpegThe bottom one is small they get as bigg as tennis balls. 

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