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Tub pond at mid-summer

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This is my first year with a summer tub so I’m not sure how far into fall I will be able to keep it set up, but I’m guessing we are halfway through. It was set up in early May. I returned from vacation today to find baby swordtails that look about a month old—never seen at smaller sizes. Still no sign of baby WCMMs. Plants are doing well and the water is clear but dark. Water temps vary wildly but so far all fish seem healthy and active.


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On 7/18/2022 at 11:18 PM, Fish Folk said:

Well done! I'd love to get a look at your Swordtails. I'm battling duckweed a bit in mine as well. Though not altogether bad, it is nasty stuff . . . can choke off surface if it gets out of hand.

I will try to catch some swordtails to give you a look. Guppies stay visible playing in the current and swim right into my hands in this pond but the WCMMs and swords stay hidden 100% of the time they are not being fed. Yesterday I pushed aside a foot or so of floaters and there they all were, hanging out together where I cannot see them.

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