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Ammonia test strips


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Can you relay a bit more about your process? How long did you leave the food in the bowl?

It appears like the titration test shows more ammonia than the test strips.

I'd like to see a side-by-side test of pH in pure distilled water for titration and test trips to check for variance. Theoretically, both ought to read 7.0 pH.

I know that the titration drops have a shelf life. Not sure if the strips also break down over time as well.

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Test strips read to swirl for 30 seconds and read immediately.

If I let them set for a few minutes they turn color some even in distilled water reading the exact same as earlier test strips in ammonia water.

I placed distilled water in a bowl and gave it a very generous amount of food for the volume and allowed it to set overnight and tested for presence of ammonia with api titration.  Then used test strips to check how well they would correlate.


at this point I simply do not have any confidence in the ammonia test strips as providing me any reasonable information.

I will continue to use the api master test kit instead for ammonia at least.  The multi test strips do provide me useful information.

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