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Attention Common Pleco owners


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Hey there my fellow Common Pleco pals!

My pleco is about 10 " now and loves his 125 gallon tank.  I am wondering if when you guys vacuum your tanks if you have found a vac that can actually suck up the dense poop they give out or if you end up scooping it out.  I have tried several and some will start to go up and then fall back down eventually.  I don't really have the water pressure for one to do that way. Any ideas? Links are so welcome!  

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Which one are you using now?  You can setup something like what Zenzo and Cory have demonstrated for their maintenance business days where they had a hose and a pump on the end to actually vaccuum the tank. 

Second to that, I'd recommend a 55G trashcan on wheels and the largest size of the python manual siphon.  I would think the L and XL are pretty similar.  I just got the L and it works insanely well to drain a tank and siphon pretty decently.


Another avenue might be pond maint. siphons.

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