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Red Spotted Severum is not eating

Jerry Cardi

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My red spotted several is not eating......

No physical signs like white growth or ich or anything. I have looked up every pic of fish with bacteria/fungal....nothing looks like him 
-However he is slightly pail
-Very lethargic except last night when I turned off the lights he swam around
-But his swimming is slower
-he ate on Sunday but very little 
-tends to stay at bottom and in spot

Please Help!

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@Jerry Cardi Sorry to read that your fish is not well. It is hard to diagnose based on what you have provided, and there are many things that it could be. The best place to start is by testing the water parameters and sharing those. This would include: 

  • Water temperature
  • pH level
  • hardness
  • ammonia (goal is 0)
  • nitrite (goal is 0)
  • nitrate (less than 50 would be best)

Other things to look into are any changes.

  • Did you change anything recently?
  • Add new fish, decorations, etc.?
  • Has there been any changes to the environment (like a new TV placement, brighter window, etc.)?

Also, look into things like the equipment in your tank. It is sometimes possible for there to be a stray current from something electrical.


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