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I didn't quarantine my bulb plants!

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Hi! I'm very embarrassed and worried - I impulse bought 5 new bulbs, which I've never gotten before, and planted them into the substrate without quarantining. 

This was only a few hours ago. Experienced fish keepers -what should I do? I have bettas. Should i remove the bulbs now, or I suppose it's too late? Do you have any recommendations to mitigate risk?

I normally quarantine my aquarium plants, like anubias, but I didn't think I needed to do the same for a bulb. I guess I was too excited to plant them and now I'm worried I made an irreversible mistake 😞

Any advice and your patience would be much appreciated.

Sincerely, a worried betta lover

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I always "Q" fish but never plants.  I inspect them visually and plant them.  I'm not saying that plants never cause harm but in 40+ years I have never had an issue.  The worst thing that has ever happened is snails and they are overwhelmingly beneficial.  And...if you don't want snails it is comically easy to rid any tank of them.

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thanks so much! when I first got plants I didn't think to quarantine, then I started quarantining them for 5 days with a quick diluted hydrogen peroxide dip. But I suppose I may have been too worried, hearing your experiences really helps!!

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