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Scarlet Temple

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Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well. I just noticed my greeting sort of sounded like Cory, at least in my mind when I read it back. He's gonna slap me in the back of the head, lol. So my question is, what is it about this plant, I am keeping a large variety of plants easy to medium level as I do not use C02. I have struggled with some only to make them hard core back in my aquariums. This little beautiful plant Scarlet Temple, is not liking something I'm doing, I have tried more light, less light, fertilizer tabs, easy green, and my water parameters are very good on all my established tanks. I have purchased 12 of these fellas and they all melted on me. I bought some from co-op, from amazon, from petco, petsmart, whatever. They melt on me within a week. Any tips are so much appreciated, I love this plant, but the only thing I can figure is that I need CO2. If that's the case I will have to search something new as I don't desire to use CO2, not because it may seem tricky or more money to spend but because, I want to be able to have almost all natural set ups in my tanks. So, what say you, thanks in advance.

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Imo, its just fickle and melts for no reason. The first time I tried I bought from aquarium coop and it melted on me (I blame the heat and massive difference in our waters) The second time I ordered it from a closer source that had it already converted and its been growing ever since without co2. Outa curiosity, what are you water parameters (including temp). 

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On 7/13/2022 at 2:35 PM, JoeQ said:

Imo, its just fickle and melts for no reason.

I have had good and bad times with scarlet temple.

1.  It is very, very easy to get excess algae on the leaves, so lean dosing and lower light might be a method to keep it going.
2.  It doesn't not like CO2.  Again, this goes back to algae sort of, but I think this plant has two modes.  It either likes to grow quickly or it's the low and slow method.
3.  I would hold off on dosing iron for the sake of dosing iron. This goes back to algae issues as well.

I have not had a lot of success with the plant, but it's one I definitely want to get it to thrive.  Eventually I will.  I had PSO, Bacopa, Val, all of those do well but the ST didn't.
(water at the time was high hardness, Stable KH, 6.8-7.0 PH) <--- With and without CO2.

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