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Is my Zebra Danio Egg Bound?


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Hey everyone, hope you're having a great day!!

I have a female Zebra Danio that has been filled w/ eggs for a couple of months now - or at least I think she is filled with eggs, as she is showing no other signs of sickness (eats well, no lesions or scale issues, swims fine).  I have followed all the breeding steps to get her to drop the eggs (two separate times) but haven't been successful.

I saw a comment to a similar post on another site that mentioned the female may be "egg bound" & the corrective action was to lightly massage her belly, front to back, several times.  Seems reasonable, as long as you're really careful, but wanted to run this by the ACO group before trying.





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That looks more like a problem with it's internal organs you could try  Epsom salt bath 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for a couple of days just in case theirs any fluid buildup and a course of kanaplex in food as it can help when your fish is suffering from  kidney disease


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Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback & guidance!  @ColuI moved the Danio to a hospital tank & started treatment this morning.  I will follow up with updates during the treatment.  It will be pretty funny to learn my "egg bound female" Danio is actually a "bloated male" Danio - but that would certainly explain why my spawning efforts failed - lol!      

Have a great day!

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