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EasyGreen root tab capsules breaking open?

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I just got some EasyGreen root tabs for the first time and put them in my substrate last night. I noticed this morning what I can only assume is the capsule casings scattered around on the surface of my substrate. Is this normal? I haven't noticed this when using DIY root tabs of similar make.

Here's two pictures of what I'm seeing. There are several "casings" in the first picture, but only one was planted at that spot. I'm assuming the others were moved there by the current. This is a new tank with no fish in it yet.



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I don’t use them but I read almost every post (I’m nosey) 😆. This seems to occur when they are not snugged in deep enough in the substrate most often. It also seems folks posting this the most have newer setups where the substrate is not settled in completely. Hope that helps. 


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Its the gel cap which is totally harmless. As mentioned above try pushing them farther down into your substrate. Also pinching them in the middle before submerging might help to remove the air causing the tab to rise from the substrate. 

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