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Found a way to get Dark Mode


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48 minutes ago, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

Did dark mode move or is it gone?

Kind of a hack, but if you scroll to the bottom of any page you’ll see a theme drop down that I don’t think is supposed to be public. Change the theme to 1.1, the dark mode button will be back, toggle it to whatever you want, then change the theme back. Workaround for the short term anyway.

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Dark mode has been buggy. I'm asking the developers to create a theme that is just dark mode so people can select it. For now I have uninstalled the dark mode button as it was causing errors.

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1 minute ago, BettasAreSuperior said:

Agreed, Dark mode on other forums is much easier on my eyes, when will it be back?

I feel similarly. It’s a lot better for my head pain and pressure, since it affects my vision a lot as well. But I saw the little trick above, so perhaps I can try that in the meantime until the new dark mode is released. 

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