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Hello from New Zealand!

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Hi, I’m Christine(Chris), an American expat currently living/working in New Zealand. I have a planted 260 litre(65 gallon aquarium) with mollies,guppies, neons, whiptails, corys, and bristlenose. I’m really excited because the aquarium co op is now shipping to New Zealand, and I just placed my first order!!!!!EC78977A-61EA-4D88-853D-0577D6F79F77.jpeg.46fa2a508bb1ed39796bafe9013c3d04.jpeg

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I love your tank its beautiful. Look at those long stem plants, I really love those plants. When they get real tall don't trim them, Place a small weight some where in the middle. The top will once again rise and the part that lays down sprouts more stems. Great job!

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