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Black Spot Disease??


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Hey everyone,

I recently noticed that one of my columbian red/blue tetras has black spots sprinkled over its body (see pics). It also appears to have a growth on its eye, too. I've been doing some research and according to aquariumscience.org, Black spot disease is typically caused by the larvae of parasitic digenetic flukes of the genus Neascus (Cercaria and Metacercaria).  It is called diplopstomiasis. The larval flukes burrow into the skin of a fish, causing the formation of a cyst. The term “Black Spot” refers to the formation of black pigmented patches in the muscle and skin around which the parasite lives. Infested fish exhibit black, slightly raised nodules in the skin which are often less than 1 mm in diameter (the size of a grain of salt). Again, according to aquariumscience.org, Black spot is cured by Praziquantel but treatment really isn’t necessary. The disease tends to be self limiting and typically will just go away on its own with time. Anyone ever deal with Black spot? Does this look like black spot and if so, did you let it run it's course or did you treat it? I've already quarantined the fish in a hospital tank, so I'm gonna give it a go with some PraziPro. Any advice about the Black spot or his eye is welcome. Thanks!



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It could be black spot what I would do is when you have finished a course of prazipro is do a course of maracyn2 in food active ingredient is minocycline that has proven effective at sinking some types of lumps  



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