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Lost entire generation of black mollies


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I had around 15 black mollies in a a 36g.  They were all from the same generation, and fully grown.  A few of them reproduced again, and 4 of those offspring survived past the eaten-by-parents stage.  Then the first generation started dying off one at a time.  I'd notice a fish looking lethargic, or sitting on the bottom, then in a day or two it would be gone.  Naturally I checked water parameters; no ammonia or nitrite, small amount of nitrate within acceptable range, no chlorine.  75-77f.  My water is hard with low buffer (I will look at the exact numbers).   When fish kept dying, I did a water change regardless  and two rounds of API General cure followed by the requisite water changes.  Fish kept dying until there was only on left.  I thought he made it, but 10 days after the second-last of his generation he also died.  They were around 1 year old.

The 4 offspring of that ill-fated generation are still in the tank, and have never shown any signs of illness through it all.  They are less than half-grown at this point.  Flourite substrate, moderately planted, Oase filtosmart thermo 100.  Other inhabitants include a few stray shrimp, and about a dozen mystery snails that were quite small when the fish were still alive and are reaching full size now.  I moved the snails in because the tank is rimless and I wanted them in a place I could easily find the eggs before they hatched.  

Any idea what may have happened?  I have a different 29g tank with tetra, rasbora, and corydora with some approaching 4 years old.  Maybe mollies just don't like my water?  

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