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Honey Gourami Sexing?


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I'm not sure if it is a help without having a side by side comparison, but this is what I'm finding.



Females have a rounded belly compared to the males. However, the dorsal (top) fin is the most distinctive difference that can be seen between males and females. The dorsal fin of the female is short and rounded, while the male has a longer dorsal fin that comes to a point.



Males have a very pointy dorsal fin; it ends in a sharp point. Females, however, have a very noticeably rounded end to their dorsal fins.


Female Honey Gouramis are rather grey or brown with a dark stripe from tail to nose. The part about rounded fins is correct, but female Honeys have little color in the unpaired fins. The Golden form of Honey Gourami does not show the stripe, and is a pale golden yellow. She still has the rounded fins.


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