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Is this a worm?


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Hello. I’ve recently been watching my betta who seemed to have a bit of a white spot on his right side. It’s getting larger quick….to me it looks like some kind of worm  

I tried to remove it but only got a portion. 
Two small skinny reddish pieces of tissue were removed?

 could this be a hook worm? One looks to be growing about the same place on the other side but smaller  

I’ve been treating my goldfish for parasites (unknown exactly…there is a thread here.)

I was treating him too but he was dealing with popeye so I started using kanaplex. (Better but not gone. Any suggestions next step). 

Ty! The first pics June 16 but had been there at least a week before  

latest are today. Super hard to get a good pic!5B7B1762-2765-4714-99C0-837234AEEE43.jpeg.c1a49ed779cfb2725e35e25ad38ca13d.jpeg0F57584A-AA14-464D-8A39-CE65A04C3696.jpeg.6123de714729354433f1e59d9685b717.jpeg25D4C728-3270-46A2-ABAE-75423C2D7F02.jpeg.8226af9e4abd931ad3a90420192079da.jpeg3A811A28-47A6-48FD-BA8F-87977A0B593C.jpeg.092b35080215c5c6098f7d501317ab84.jpeg3F25015E-5F52-48DD-BE37-C24C000F9C48.jpeg.2d1a929bcaa8f89bbc67a4e015df5f27.jpegA545E239-E354-4119-9D06-62552F2635BA.jpeg.24125ac10903941b329c4ab560f46db8.jpeg


nitrate 10

nitrite 0

hsrdness 0

buffer 40

ph 6.8

 Chlorine 0



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I would try aquarium salt and Indian almond leaves to see if that resolves it.

In my opinion, this doesn’t look bloody enough to have been a hookworm but hard to tell. They usually come off with the head easily as well.

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On 7/6/2022 at 10:07 AM, Barbvday said:

I would try aquarium salt and Indian almond leaves to see if that resolves it.

In my opinion, this doesn’t look bloody enough to have been a hookworm but hard to tell. They usually come off with the head easily as well.

I have a few ial in there and got the salt too. He seems to be doing ok. I'm doing 1 tblsp for the 5 gal tank. I've used it with my goldfish but I'm leery with the little guy. When I pulled the first part off it left an x bloody x.......not super bloody but you could see some blood in that shape.  I will add another pic.

On 7/6/2022 at 1:54 PM, AquaHobbyist123 said:

Hope your fish is ok!

Thank you !! That's so nice of you! I hope he will be ok! Hes swimming and eating! The little thing just grew quick and I was told tumors grow slow.....so wasn't sure! Again thanks!!


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B477536E-E2C2-4942-BB64-012A830D9367.jpeg.4ab92fd73d8fa2382920e6c316fd8eb6.jpeg3C074EC7-1652-4197-A17F-211CF2086A6B.jpeg.672f0a85c063b9121ca88d48adbbd3f7.jpeg3C074EC7-1652-4197-A17F-211CF2086A6B.jpeg.672f0a85c063b9121ca88d48adbbd3f7.jpeg3C074EC7-1652-4197-A17F-211CF2086A6B.jpeg.672f0a85c063b9121ca88d48adbbd3f7.jpegL3C074EC7-1652-4197-A17F-211CF2086A6B.jpeg.672f0a85c063b9121ca88d48adbbd3f7.jpegHello:) I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out if i can treat this or it’s a tumor? This fish was the one i believe gave my goldfish worms so he’s treated with prazi pro and then expel p  for several weeks  

I noticed a couple weeks ago. I could see something growing from his right, back lower spot. I think I saw another one and it looks like it. It seems to grow fast. I’d like to remove it? 
Looking at the picture it seems to look like little circles? He is in a bit of salted water with a lot of ial

some new pics from the last two days. Really hard to get a good picture. You guys helped me figure out that my Goldie had worms and he seems to be doing good! 



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Hi there! I tried an antibiotic a while ago for his popeye. It seemed to be helping so I moved on to worms...because he came with them and gave them to my other fish. (I had 2 goldies and 2 bettas). (I saw the gross worms...2 kinds in my goldie with my microscope.) One goldie died and then the betta did. One was red, one white and then some thin white worms hanging out his mouth at night. Soooo...

Reccs were to treat for flukes and internal worms. I started that treatment and switched between Prazi pro and expel p by fritz which I've been doing for several weeks....2 months perhaps.

So....I haven't really tried an antibiotic again, worried abut the worms. (I had tried kanaflex) I didn't think the thing looked bacterial but i'm not an expert. There is the same kind of thing on the other side in nearly the same spot. 

I have gotten metroplex coming today. it was recommended after the kanaflex.  



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Some new pics. I didn’t notice his tail frayed like that? It’s healing or is something spreading?? it is getting large fast  

it started in the right side  I tried to pluck it out when it was smaller  now it’s forming the same kind of shape.  When the light shines through him you can see the shape  they are symmetrical? 

he came loaded with bugS








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Awwww I’m so sorry he is going through this 

so we got some fritz Indian almond leaf extract and put it in the water with our betta when he tore his fin and it did wanders in healing and we fed him daphnia to help too 

we had heard about bettafix but it is supposed to cost their labyrinth organ and that’s not good so we did not try that

the tannins in the extract will help heal his body it’s a natural antiseptic 

hope he gets to feeling better! 

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