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Betta possibly has Septicemia?


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I’ve lost 1 guppy, 2 danios within the past 2-3 weeks. Water parameters are looking fine (I will test later today, or tomorrow and post the results), I check it pretty regularly. The tank, planted is 29 gallons, has been setup since February. It is heated at 78f. All fish go through the quarantine trio before going in the tank.

Just this week I’ve noticed my Betta has these blood streaks around the mouth, also acting lethargic. Everything I’ve looked up online points towards  Septicemia. 

I don’t notice anything abnormal with any of the other fish in the tank. They are all acting like normal (eating, etc).
(Danios, Guppies, Otocinclus)


I’ve went ahead and dosed the entire tank with API Erythromycin. (Dosed it on Sunday  7/3, gonna let it sit for a week)


I’m starting to think I’ve got a bacterial infection going on, and that’s what wiped out the other 3 fish.

So could this be Septicemia or possibly something else? 

Thank you.


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Septicemia is a blood infection and sometimes it does present itself with red streaking.It May not have spread throughout the body yet but it does look like an infection. 
if there’s no response with erythromycin then it may be a good idea to get gram negative antibiotics like kanaplex or Maracyn-2

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