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Weird SAE behavior


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I have 4 fairly new Siamese algae eaters in my 40 breeder, and I just watched 2 of them get into what looks like a little disagreement. They completely lost their stripes for about 3 minutes. Any thoughts on this? I always thought these fish were super peaceful. Last few seconds of the video show the other 2 chilling at the bottom scavenging and displaying dark stripes. I did clean my intake filter a few hours earlier and the water became cloudy from a bacteria bloom I’m thinking. First bloom I’ve had since setting up this tank a year ago. 

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  I'm watching the first 30 seconds of the video wondering where are the SAEs?  I had no idea that they could lose their stripe.  I have 5 that don't seem to care what goes on around them.  That might be because they have a variety of tankmates.  

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