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Most Durable plants

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I’m looking for suggestions on the most durable plants you can keep. Not hardy or “unkillable” plants, but hardest to tear, rip, etc. I keep a planted CA cichlid tank and they like to pick at the plants. I’ve had some success with Java fern and the most successful has been Anubius coffeefolia, although other anubius varieties didn’t last long. Stems and root feeders won’t work because they are constantly excavating the bottom.

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There are kind of two directions to go here. A fast-growing plant like Hornwort (that can be grown floating or planted) that outgrows damage or artificial plants. And with artificial plants you probably want to go with plastic plants as I've had fish shred the silk/cloth ones.

I've seen tanks where they've used a false back in the tank and planted behind the false back with the larger plant-destroying fish in the front section and smaller fish in the back. That works best with something like an undergravel filter but can let you combine plant destroying fish with a planted tank in that manner. It also lets you combine predatory fish with smaller, prey-like fish and keep them both separated.

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