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New Flag Fish Behavior

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I picked up 4 Flag Fish yesterday. Three of them are awesome. Swimming around, eating algae, making friends. But one of them is just kinda hanging out by herself, resting in some water wisteria. Is that okay? Looks healthy otherwise. Just not acting like the other three.

I'll attach a photo. But it's pretty much from the back of her, so not sure if it's helpful.


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One of mine used to do this, he had swim bladder issues but I'm not sure if that was really why he was the lazy flagfish. I think he just figured out that it was easier to lay around in the plants and nibble on them. I also had one female who would always stay apart from the group, she was runty and got outcompeted for food by other females but managed to survive nibbling on algae and plants on her own. She somehow managed to outlast the other females though, who died during a cold snap and is now social with the male. They have very odd behavior imo, sometimes they feel like a schooling cyprinid, sometimes they act like livebearers and are just scattered all over, when breeding they're kinda like an apisto or some other tiny cichlid.

They are a schooling fish though, so a bigger school might help her be more social if she's being isolated by aggression/competition. But I have kept them in groups of 6, 4 and 2 all with general success (ie, they're not showing stress/attacking my other fish)

I found that flagfish ended up murdering my water sprite and water wisteria though so be aware of that possibility.

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Were they quarantined together?  If so did this fish act fine the whole time?  If not quarantined did they all seem fine at the LFS?  Just asking for a little history because if this behavior is "sudden" you might pull the loner out for observation just in case something is wrong.

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I'm not totally sure about quarantine, I completely trust the store to quarantine them properly. And I'm very lazy...

But the behavior I saw was just for the first day I had her. She's actually doing really great now. Schooling with the others and everything.

I think she was just nervous about her new home, and maybe getting used to different water parameters.

Here's another picture!


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