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July Pond Update

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My fish have been outside for a couple of months now, and they seem to be thriving. The colors and metallic shimmers on my male mutt guppies are unbelievable--liquid jewels. I am so happy thinking of them living their best life and enjoying sun and wind.

All the guppies are male so I'm not expecting fry. I have both sexes of gold WCMMs in this tub and I've seen no fry. I also put in six koi swordtails, but I never see more than 4 at any one time and none of them have swords, so I'm not expecting a population bump there, either. I do have breeding swords in the house so I can still make more.

The first vid is the pond today: it pans out to show the whole pond at the end. The second vid is my pond supervisor at work.


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