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I'm new here and excited about this Forum

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I'm not sure Im doing this right! Hi! I just joined this forum. About me, I also live in Washington state in beautiful Olympia. Which means I can't buy Corys fish but I can buy the plants. 

I'm fairly new at fish keeping. Got my 20 gallon 2 years ago with my stimulus money and being retired and on social security so I have to buy things a little at a time.

My 20 gallon has about 13 pygmy corydoras and 5 habrosus. I love corydoras! And I have 5 cardinal tetras. Here's a picture. It started out with plastic plants and a castle. But I quickly learned that live plants are better! Snails and all. 

I also have 6 Vietnamese minnows in a 5 gallon waiting for the plants I'm ordering for their new 10 gallon. My first attempt at aquascaping and planting! It's going to be beautiful. Then I'm going to re decorate the 20 gallon! 

I'll keep you posted!IMG_20220605_162240_hdr.jpg.f6a8a902954e5fe525b7a4426470ee14.jpg

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I forgot to say something
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Thanks! They're all water column plants that aren't even glued or tied to anything. I didn't know what I was going to do so I weighted them down with small rocks by the roots. They come loose all of the time so I'm going to have to do something! Lol. I can't keep a house plant alive but these don't have to be watered. 

I should be getting my plants from aquarium co-op today! I've got everything else I need to set i up my experiment in planting. 


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On 7/1/2022 at 11:03 PM, Reneenay said:

I'm not sure I'm answering the question in the right way but it's 3 parts black and 1 part blue. The blue by itself would be too blue!

This is wonderful - I always thought the straight blue was too intense, now I want to try all sorts of blends that just have a little bit of blue!

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