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Seachem Phosguard vs. Fluval ClearMax


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Long story short, I have some hair algae in my 10g planted tank.

There's 10ppm of Phosphates in my tank, and 1-2ppm of Phosphates in my tap water (tested with an API Phosphate kit). Before going with RODI water, I'd like to try some sort of Phosphate remover.

Has anyone used either of these - and if so, what is your feedback?

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On 6/30/2022 at 12:50 AM, MrWestCoast said:

Get some GFO (granular ferric oxide) which is what's phosguard made out of. you can get 1lb of it for $20 on ebay. I believe ClearMax uses ferric oxide as well.

So I picked up some GFO per your request; and I have a question about rinsing it. Do you rinse it in your sink? Is it ok for the debris to go into a drain? There's a decent amount that falls out of a mesh bag when I do.

Otherwise, do you rinse it outside in a bucket? What about winter months - how would you do this?

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