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This weeks baby angels fry

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I had two pairs of angels in the same 55gal aquarium but separated by a high psi. That are also in my big moss tank. That was not a big deal I know the layed and the platinum angels are still young and was not expecting much. I though they would eat the eggs. They didn’t do that but they didn’t do the best job. They let the bad eggs sit there. I think they will learn and get better most of my pairs I have had got better and if not I spilt the pair up. They had a small hatch I know there are fry because I can see them picking them up and moving them. This tank has moss that covers the whole bottom I’ll take some pics and no the moss is not dead. 
9ED7926E-7387-4779-80EF-33E30AB6563F.jpeg.df60bc952c72d39433d7cf41989e4f50.jpegthis is what I was saying about being bad parents. Al these fungus eggs. The had a big clutch so about half hatched. They have them in the moss so I’m not sure how this will work. This pair was in a plastic bin and some fish tank maintenance guy broke it when they tripped.43F17EAA-8B51-4B0B-91A7-1E63012121A0.jpeg.d2c03fbb9d979db676a94ba70c648748.jpegI’m not sure if you can see how high the moss is but in the front where it’s green is about 1/2” in the back 4-6” I took a pic with my hand on the glass so you could see how high. The other side is higher.138686DF-69FF-49AB-AEA6-AF4688EFB7DC.jpeg.9f2474ec95a55006cfecdd50437a9d56.jpegThe other side is much higher and the eggs have not hatched but there clutch is much smaller.

0D9CB598-D233-484C-B7E7-13B470D858D5.jpeg.0ce7172aff4d5d11560f54b956c03a0e.jpega lot less eggs and less fungus. This is the first or second clutch that I have seen.0809240E-EF06-4CCA-ABCA-E8ECAEF87C5E.jpeg.29d077b6b70ff852e80a059ddf1a3d4b.jpegThe moss is much taller and thicker if want  another of how tall I can take a better pic but it’s half way up the tank. I do have a reason and it has to do with the clay pot bottom. My big girl panda Cory sits in that almost all day. She eats the snails those dots. Some of you know moved this tank and found lots of panda fry in the moss so I get panda fry from here as well. She is not there because the parents are very protective.B15C8FE9-C0D3-4D52-914E-A25C26D64FA8.jpeg.9c3051676bef7a5b8bbb8968458c395b.jpegthis is that pair.

Then this is what I found when I was feeding. I though wow that likes bad I need to clean that.(you may want to turn down the sound the song was done by my son and I didn’t change it yet)

I thought this was algae growing. There is fry inside the breeder box from two weeks ago. I was going to move them to the 10 gal and saw it was looking bad. When I went to get it the big male about jumped out of the water. Some of you may have read I took lots of snails out of a tank, this was the one. This is 55g and has my king tiger plecos and the snails ate the last clutch of eggs. I also keep the lights down for the plecos. I was total surprised. This is a great pair. I normally leave the breeder box in the tank but on the side do the fish can get in. They normally lay on the slate and and when the eggs hatch and they move them they put the fry in the breeder box themselves after a few days I turn the breeder box up and add the airline. 8F43675B-4BAE-4B04-943B-D86B887AF959.jpeg.5e75cd05588ec98975fa93c811bf6651.jpegthis is the last pair. It’s hard to tell but they are both big Angels. Very good parents. If you are thinking of keeping breeding fish and the king tiger together you might loss some fry, but this pair is so prolific it doesn’t matter. This pair had a clay pot holder that they put fry in on the bottom near the slate. They learned that the female pleco would eat a few. They would chase her away and it would be ok and if she got hungry she would go back and get chased away.when the started trying to stack them on the top of the slate and the fry would fall down. I left the breeder box in and it fell on the side and they started just moving them there.  I’ll post more as things happen. I don’t have much hope that the first pair will do well

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On 7/21/2022 at 9:20 AM, Guppy Guy said:

My angels recently spawned, and I got to the free-swimming stage with the fry. They died because I wasn’t home to do a water change, and their little specimen container got dirty fast.

I like the photo-bombing snail in the video 😂  

E6506526-24E8-4184-8D6E-7BD848BAC31B.jpeg.1c590ae2c118b57ee9254e27a6f5773f.jpegthis is a the tank next to it most are tucked up under the log floating and the roots. Papa is not happy about the pics. I moved most of the fry yesterday but it I missed some and these parents would have eaten them already if the were. They are a great pair. 

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On 7/21/2022 at 11:00 AM, Chick-In-Of-TheSea said:

That was very beautiful to watch. They are so graceful and patient; very methodical in their strategy.  You have beautiful fish @Brandon p.

 Thank you. My tank don’t look photo perfect but I do try to keep the fish in the best shape. I’m actually thinking on breaking this pair up. Im not sure he is Fertilizing well. 

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