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Would this stand work for 22gal?


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Hey All!

New here and happy to join the community! Had a question about the sturdiness of a heavy cabinet I have for a 22 or 26 gallon tank possibly? Or a 20gal ?

Pics are added at the bottom. (Sorry, I should have cleaned up first!). This table is about 43”Lx15.5”W on the top. It does have a center support. Looking at a 22gal at a 36”x12”x12” footprint or 26gal at 36”x10”x16”. It is probably plywood. Could this cabinet support that weight? If I added an extra piece of wood on the top, would that help distribute the weight? 

Looking forward to your expertise and feedback! I’d love to use this, but could get a stand later if I had to. Thank you in advance! 🙏🙏🙏







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I would say it depends. Sit on it wiggle around. The problem with cabinets not made of solid wood comes over time. From experience the moisture, humidity and random occasional small spills if it is particle board the water woks in seams and cracks.  That warps it and makes it much less sturdy. I have used similar stands and if very careful it should be fine. If it is very solid and does not wiggle when sitting on it I would use a solid rubber drawer liner. Make certain to cut it to long and wide so no water gets underneath but rolls off onto the floor with the occasional drips and small spills. 

Being level is another issue I have had previously with stands like this so check it first. 

a gallon of water weighs roughly 8 lbs. substrate a bit more, rocks for decor a bit more. So if you have a friend have them sit on the stand beside you if you do not weigh enough to equal your new tank when set up to be sure you hear no cracking sounds wiggling etc. 

good luck. @sweetpoison had a thread about stands that has tons of great stand info in it. I cannot find it so maybe they will link it here for you to see if a stand can be used and stand protection options. 


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@Guppysnaildoes that mean you want me to find it? 😂😂😂♥️

I found it but I don’t know how to tag this poster to that thread.  @Jaspyjaspyou have to find it just go to my profile I guess click on my name up there, and then I think the name of the thread is “would you do this” I don’t have very many threads.  Well maybe I do I am pretty needy!

Great information I learned a lot and I have my tank on it. And trust me that stand has not been the problem for me😂 @Guppysnailis so smart and so wise and so helpful pay attention to what she says seriously. Lots people in that thread helped me and I listen to what they said pretty much 100% and I went for it. My opinion which really isn’t much I am relatively new here too and I’ve always had stands for my tanks but I didn’t wanna buy one this time. Looking at your desk it doesn’t look like a real thick sturdy wood that’s all I got on that matter don’t listen to me though😂😂 but there are things you can do to reinforce it like they taught me to put plywood underneath my tank, and a big plastic tablecloth because I don’t want to get water on my stand ~ it was my parent’s and they lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years and I think that’s where they got this. So I want to protect it.  And they helped me.  The main thing other than reinforcing with plywood, is that huge plastic tablecloth, because I always spill water🤪

Welcome to the form!

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I love this forum already!! ❤️🙏

@DaveO - thank you so much for your reply and insight! Appreciate it!

@Guppysnail @sweetpoison - 🙏🙏🙏 You guys are so helpful and awesome to find that thread - THANK YOU! i will check it out! 

Super appreciate the feedback from everyone. I’m so glad I posted! I’ve been in my own head for this a while and am so glad I joined this forum 🙌 Thank you!

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On 6/28/2022 at 6:10 AM, Guppysnail said:

I found it 


Great thread!

 @sweetpoison - Just read, thank you! Your stand is BEAUTIFUL and super solid! I will sit on mine and see how it stands up. I think it could work for 22gal, 26G might be pushing it… will def add a 3/4” top and rubber mat.

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