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Hello from Northern Nevada

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Hello, I am currently on to setting up my 10th tank at home.  Right now I have the following:

  • 10g - stocked with ramshorns
  • 10g - stocked with pea puffers
  • 10g - stocked with danios and longfin tetras
  • 20g long - panda corydoras, platy, muppy, neon tetra, otocinclus, ramshorns
  • 20g long - ember tetras, red cherry shrimp
  • 20g tall - otocinclus, blue cherry shrimp, bladder snails
  • 29g - current quarantine for neon tetras and reticulated hillstream loaches
  • 37g - danios and longfin skirt tetras, rainbow shark, nerite snails
  • 40g - red-eye tetras, harlequin rasboras, mickey mouse platy, glowlight tetras, amano shrimp, german blueram, ramshorns
  • 55g - mollies, angelfish, albino cory, leopard cory, otocinclus, platys, ramshorns, and german blueram.
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Thank you everyone for the welcome.  Sorry for the delay in my response, work got busy.


I lived in Vegas as well, then bounced around the West before settling in Reno.


In the 29 gallon I used to house Guppies and Mollies with Peppered Corydoras.  After that, I had a Glofish aquarium.  Now it will be used to breed my German Blue Rams, once I get a breeding pair.


Here are the pictures of some of my tanks.  There is one that I house at my in-laws, so I currently don't have a picture of that one.


55 Gallon - Mollies, Angelfish, Platys, German Blue Ram, and Otocinclus


20 Gallon Long - Neon Tetras, Panda Corydoras, Muppy, and African Dwarf Frogs.


40 Gallon - Harlequin Rasboras, Red-eyed Tetras, German Blue Ram, Amano Shrimp


10 Gallon - Pea Puffers


10 Gallon - Ramshorn snails


20 Gallon - Blue Dream Neocardina Shrimp, Bladder Snails, and Otocinclus


37 Gallon - Glofish Danio, Longfin Glofish Tetras, and Glofish shark


29 Gallon - Reticulated Hillstream Loach


20 Gallon Long - Ember Tetras and Red Neocardina Shrimp.  This one is having growing pains.


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