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the new and better journal

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well my old journal was  not getting update so i deleted it so im gonna update all the tanks 

1. my 13 gallon betta sorority with

8 female bettas 

2 corydoras

aqueon 10 hang on the back filter

plants :valisneria , crypt , bacopa , and elodea 

2.shrimp bowl

4 colored shrimps 

and a bunch of valisneria and moss

3. divided ten gallon

2 male betta divided on both sides and 5 baby female bettas in the center

4. 5 gallon with 1 black betta

with valisneria

5.  15o gallon pond with 2 koi (aka matsuba and dragon face) and 2 goldfish (veil tail , pearl scale) pic soon!

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well it was some time

i went to a vacation of `2 weeks someone took care of the bettas but when i got home i found one dead the next day a betta was being lethargic and found her half eaten i added black sand and a couple of plant and it looks good1123765216_Capturadepantalla2022-07-28122917.png.92c190ed2bd9c8c8f1afdd0b36000935.png  

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a lot has happened since the last post there's only one betta left the rest got killed by diseases that hit at different moments so i took down all the aquarium and added. some 3 cardinal tetras 6 ember tetras 3 khuli loaches 1 hill stream loach and a bunch of shrimps Capturadepantalla2023-09-07160040.png.d75ff5a651f64f564187d72a0b40d604.png 

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