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Flame Gourami consistently tilted


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I have a gourami that is consistently lethargic and sits at a continual angle. His gills seem like they might be a tad dark (I'm not sure what they should look like as this is our first gourami). 

He has a good appetite (he will perk up, swim straight and eat/chase down his pellets or live BBS during feeding time and then immediately returns to this state). He is currently in a 2-gallon hospital tank, alone, with heater at 78 and a sponge filter for minimal flow/aeration. I am treating him with 1:1 NACL and kanaplex (2nd dose today). 

With how thin he is, I am leaning towards a parasite and considering a dose of para-cleanse. Any ideas on how to dose a packet meant for 10 gallons down for two? I am leaning towards reconstituting it in 100 mL of dechlorinated water and utilizing 20 mL of the mixture in his next water change. 


  • pH: 7.6
  • Nitrates 0 
  • Hardness 120-180 (hard to decipher exactly on the test strips but I have just short of liquid rock for tap water)
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 80
  • Water Temperature 78



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If he's eating ok and still losing weight he could be suffering from wasting disease and I would recommend treating with fritz Expel p active ingredient is levamisole once a week for 3 weeks or you could add it to his food feeding the medicated food for 7 days 1840055350_Screenshot_20210814-1426392.png.2bcfbe7bd96c81f1f02d7b4b51fd45cb.png

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