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My Axolotls Are in Trouble


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Hi there, 

I would love any advice. I have four axolotls (one copper, one wild type, one golden and one melanoid). My roommate has been super selfish and has been turning off the AC despite me telling her that they need cooler water. They haven’t eaten in over a week. I’ve been trying to feed them. I did a 75% water change Friday. I gratefully only have three more days with her as my roommate but what can I do to keep them alive and treat them? My wild type was covered in white when I got home and dead. It wasn’t fluffy white. And upon examining him after he passed, something looks wrong with his genitalia and his gills receded. Please help. Please no judgment on this post. I do water changes weekly and dose my tank daily and I have kept them a year or so without trouble. I’m just so stuck and I’m hoping I can do something so that these axolotls survive the move and can enjoy their new COOL home. 




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