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Plant muck bucket ?

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Why save all clippings? Or only save if their is stem an possibly have growth? Do you save leaf clippings? What about pulled algae, save?

i set up a bucket with water and an airstone no light and have been saving everything. Now Im asking myself, Why? What do you do with these buckets when full? What’s the actual purpose/ benefits for f these buckets?

I very much realize I should have asked before I set it up, but hey D5732E83-101F-45EF-9377-A5CA3302E5BF.jpeg.9588074b1c6057f6b0037a9153c72522.jpeg

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I do a few things. I toss everything in a bucket. When I get around to it I sort it to clippings I think will grow…they go on the windowsill and the rest stay in the bucket until I get around to grinding it up to work into my garden soil. My bucket also is home to bladder snails from tanks NOT Snailtopia that are not gold and go to the lfs. 

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I figured this would be a good home for more snail production. I’ve added a few and know some have piggybacked from clippings. I’ve usually thrown everything away but I had some stem plant clippings that I thought might grow if kept. So I started this , do you keep a light on it?

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