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Could several nano tanks be joined?

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You know how with real small tanks the water can be less stable and more touchy than with big tanks. Could you connect, like, four 10gal tanks side by side with, like, piping. And then run that water down to a sump?

I thought it'd be cool to have the four 10s on a rack above a 40 breeder (About the same dimensions). And connect them all together sump style. Then you'd have all the benefit of the big water column but still have the cuteness of the nano tanks.

Is that possible? Anybody done it?

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Its definetely possible. Most fish stores do this. If you want to get really crazy. Get some pvc pipes and a vacuum cleaner and the fish will be able to swim from tank to tank. One thing i thought would be interesting would be putting a heavily planted tank and a cichlid tank on the same system. Cichlid tank usually struggle with too many nitrates while planted tanks struggle with to few, so putting them on the same system will balance the both up, at least in theory. You'd probably need two or 3 planted tanks for each cichlid tank in practice.

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Nice idea for having a group of mini scapes you could do 4 seasons or a geographical theme across the set.

There only snag I foresee with joining many tanks is you will always have to medicate them all so if any sick fish, ick or fungus get in one tank the whole row is at risk. This can obviously be an issue if certain tanks are sensitive to different meds. (shrimp, snails for example). And treatments will be more expensive due to increased volume.

You would end up with them all at a very similar temp range as well so might not be as flexible although with nano fish that isn't as much of an issue.

These are the issues  fish stores have that use these systems, one near me has about 8 large sump sections and won't transfer fish from one section to another to minimise the risks. 

@Scapexghost you could have a very impressive aquaponic set up instead

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