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Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily - Which way is up?

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I purchased a dwarf aquarium lily bulb and took a guess about which way is up.  After doing some reading online and watching the AC video on the topic, I now understand that the shoots will grow toward the light and the roots will burrow into the substrate (quelle surprise, just like a terrestrial bulb plant). None of the videos or articles actually that I could find show the plant in its early stage of growth.   Now here is the issue.  The bulb sprouted in two days but I don't know if I am looking at shoots or roots?  Is this bulb upside down?  


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On 6/24/2022 at 8:04 PM, Isaac M said:

Hi @PaigeIs, it is a little difficult to tell in the photo but it looks like shoots to me. With dwarf aquarium lillies, I have always placed them in a cup and waited for them to sprout, then I would plant them only after I could tell which side was up. 

That's a good idea.  Next time, I will take the cup route.

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