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How to feature Clown Kilis

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I got 6 little clown Kilis and they're super neat. I can't see much of them in the tank though.

I've got them in a heavily planted, rimmed 20 gallon. With 10 green neon tetras and a cherry shrimp colony. 

If you were going to set up a tank around clown Kilis, what would you do? What size tank, what kind of plants, what would be the tank mates?

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I really love the way they look with my strawberry rasboras and zipper kuhli loaches (Pangio cuneovirgata). 

The red of the rasboras and stripes of the kuhli loaches really make their colors pop while still being teeny-tiny so they don't take too much attention from the killis. (cuneovirgata is supposed to be much smaller than the more common Pangio species.)

I'm letting plants get established before I transfer them to the 33g long in my bedroom. I'm also going to try them in a bookshelf tank with Elassoma gilberti (pygmy sunfish). 


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