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I just wanted to share some photos of my tiny reticulated hillstream loach fry. These fish are so cool and unique. I knew that i had a female and a male but i was not expecting to see fry so quickly! I am super excited that they’ve bred. I’ve counted three total so far and they seem happy and healthy.








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44 minutes ago, kkarsten said:

Very cool.  How is the flow in your tank?  Seems to be a regularly debated question with the hillstream loaches.  

Just looking at them, you would think it is a fish that prefers rapid like conditions.   

Id say i have a bit higher flow than normal in this tank for them but its not directional like a powerhead or anything. I just hot rodded the filter that came with it by removing the crappy cartridge and replacing it with aquarium coop sponge pad which increased the flow quite a bit. And then i added a sponge filter right up against a rock so that they can hang out on it in the flow. To be honest they dont spend most of their time in the high flow areas. They seem to treat the high flow more like a playground that they go flutter around in throughout the day.


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Just went in to feed and saw a teenie tiny fresh little hillstream loach next too its older siblings. They spawned again!! Im having trouble getting a clear photo of them. Ill update if i can get a better one.

The bottom photo is of the first spawn fry next to an assassin snail for scale. 







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5 hours ago, KBOzzie59 said:

That is so awesome!


Hope you are keeping good notes so we can all become Hillstream Masters!

Thanks @KBOzzie59! I do have lots of notes lol. But i think the most important thing has been tank set up. Lots of rocks, plants, wood, hiding places and they definitely like at least part of the tank to have sand substrate.

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