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Planting Cuttings - Float or Stick Them In?

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I've gotten a hold of some plant cuttings. The cardinal plant and Marsilea crenata (four-leaf clover) seem to have some decent roots growing. But, the Ludwigia has no roots. 

Anyone have any thoughts on whether I should float them for a while (and for how long) or just jam them in there and hope for the best?

What do you do?

(My substrate is sand capping eco-complete with some earthworm castings beneath) 

Cheers! 🐌🌱


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On 6/22/2022 at 12:55 PM, DarthMollusk said:

how deep do you usually stick them in? Do you remove leaves from the bit going into the sand?

I put them in pretty shallow, at a 45 degree angle so they don't float up.  Probably 1/2 - 1".  I don't bother with removing leaves.  And when they develop roots, the roots will go down and find the nutrients, when they are ready.  They can get nutrient burn, if planted deep & before they are ready to take the nutrients up.

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