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plant/fish suggestions for 55 gal tank


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I currently have a 55 gallon tank with a golden gourami and 10 golden barbs and only have two types of plants in my tank (anubias nana and anacharis). I'm going to add a piece of manzanita wood in the future and was wondering what plants would look good in the tank and are easy to keep. I'm also looking to add a few more fish in the future as well but I'm not really sure on what I should add.



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I like the look of Valisneria americana if your water suits its needs. I also am an undying fan of Amazon swords. Two other species that have become mainstays for me are Hygrophyllia difformis (Water wisteria) and Hygrophyllia polysperma (Indian swampweed). I love how bright green the Hygros grow. One other that is fantastic if you can get a very large specimen is Java fern. Of course, you can never go wrong with a Bronze crypt!

Here are a few photos with these plants in from several tanks of mine with notes on the plants included.

Hygrophilia difformis (Water Wisteria) -- some other plants in foreground. Hydro was hardy enough to withstand goldfish nibbling. All plants seem to do better if in an unheated tank...


Valisneria americana, Amazon swords, and attach of Hygrophilia difformis in here with Discus. The plants are never happy, because the water is way up above 83-F. But with added air-stones, they survive...



I threw in some Hygrophilia polysperma (Indian swampweed) and some Moneywort. Again, no plants love this tank, but they "survive"...


Here you can see that the Indian swampweed had gotten a little out of hand. Many plants are like this, and will explode if grown closer to the light / tank surface...


Valisneria americana, Bronze crypt, and a little melon sword in the lower left. Plants absolutely love the cold water tank / no heater...


In this overstocked Grow-out tank, I have several really large Java Ferns going. Also a touch of Najas (guppy grass). Although I've never fond them to be huge nitrate absorbing plants, Java ferns will multiply in a nitrate-drenched environment. I pull baby java ferns off of the tips of these plants every month or so, and replant them in all my other tanks...


Here is a tank I set up just two weeks ago. This Val will eventually fill in, and the Wisteria will become more bushy. Cool water in here. Loads of air via a DIY spray-bar...


Hope that gives you some ideas of tall, hardy plants for your setup. I'll mention that most of my lighting is unbelievably cheap. I just use LED shoplights from WalMart...


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