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Do cherry shrimp fight?

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I was watching some of my yellow cherry shrimp doing the weirdest thing. There were two sort of floating around fighting. One was pretty much taking a beating, so I thought it was dead and the other one was eating it. Then another joined in, and I was just figuring circle of life. Then they broke it up and the "dead" one swam up to a leaf and started eating.

Now, maybe I sound like a kindergartner, cuz maybe they weren't "fighting", but I didn't think that's how cherry shrimps went about that activity. Lemme know if I'm wrong, please.

Oh, I didn't get a picture of the fighting or whatever, but here's a pic of some of the shrimp involved.


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I was just being coy. Maybe that's what they do in the actual process of breeding. The female at the top of the pic was the one I thought was being eaten, and the male involved is on the ground in the lower left of the pic.

But I can't find any info about shrimps actually doing the nasty. Just info about how to get them to breed and what to do with the babies.

When they were doing whatever they were doing, it was one sort of limp shrimp that'd flail about occasionally, and then the other shrimp climbing all over it. I'm pretty sure the limp shrimp was a female. It looked dead to me, but that's probably because she had just molted, so she was just floppy. The other shrimp was most likely a male, so they were probably making babies. Ew. (jk)


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