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Does anyone keep a single discus in the tank?


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Long story but I basically helped a friend “petsit” some juvenile discus while he was cycling a tank. He told me to keep one as a gift but I feel bad having just one since I know they’re generally kept in groups.

would it be ok to keep just one or should I consider adding more? Also any idea of what kind of discus it is?

Tank is 75 gallon and is currently under stocked.



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Discus are generally better when kept in a group of 7 or more, IMHO. However, they can adjust to solo life. My son kept one young one with a ton of Golden Rams he was growing out. The Discus felt rather at home with all of the Rams. But eventually, we moved the Discus out to larger digs with other Discus.

As for color morph, your fish is rather young. Colors will take awhile to develop. Here's a look at several very young, skinny Discus....

Once mature, you can see the Pigeon-Bloods here...

So basically, it's a waiting game. I'm not convinced there's really a fear way to identify "morph type" for many Discus unless you buy them from a serious breeder. They largely come from fish farms, and are seconds -- left overs, crossed fish from different color strains, etc. 

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I currently have one discus.  Working on getting more, but I’m seeing some interesting behavior. When first released it, it beelined over to my angels. It hangs out with them when possible, but is spending a lot of time hiding .  The angels spawned today, so it is not very welcome in the nursery. Hoping I can get an order of discus this Friday. 27578928-0AB2-41C4-AA42-DDC101F6E71A.jpeg.8428856412995c9a9d5b50eda88b8ca5.jpeg




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