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Red Dwarf Lily Bulb--nudge or no?

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I got a red dwarf lily bulb from ACO a couple days ago. I was delighted to see it sprung a few roots. After leaving for just a few hours and coming back, I noticed green shoots, too. 

But, the thing seems to be sideways. If it were a pyramid, it'd have shoots growing from one face and roots from the other. 

I'm wondering if I should give it a nudge so the roots are facing the sand, or leave it be? 🤷‍♂️

It's so hard to take good photos of this tank, but the roots (i assume) are growing out the  right, and red-tipped green shoots are growing out the left.


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Once you are able to for sure know which side it's the top then I would give it a slight turn to keep it facing in the right direction. Just don't push it down into the substrate. It will naturally root itself in. When I got mine from the co op I got lucky and the same way I set it in was facing up proper. This is about 3 months after putting it in. I have to trip back lilly pads about one a week.


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