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Just now, Aubrey

@Wisnasky-tank Did you get it to work? I found it pretty confusing too. It was not the most intuitive thing I have done. I have been using the mobile web version instead of the app because I already know how to use it and the app is a little different.

I finally figured it out definitely was different I’m not a computer geek but used technology 28 yrs shouldn’t of been that hard lol

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7 hours ago, Streetwise said:

The app is interesting, but I prefer the mobile web version.

I agree...I do quite like the app, but I just prefer the formatting of the mobile platform more.

Fun little tip, if you use Google Chrome as your web browser, you can actually make an icon on your home screen that will bring you to the forum website - sort of like having it as an app and you don't have to type the site into the address bar.

I'm not sure if Apple's Safari or other mobile web browser have an equivalent feature, but it's worth a look if you'd like to have the forum accessible from your home screen as a sort of "app", but prefer the mobile version.




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8 hours ago, Wisnasky-tank said:

Can you not post on it though like make your own post I know you can comment on what’s already been posted still trying to learn the ins and outs

On the Android app, after you enter a specific forum, there is a black bar that goes across the bottom fourth of the screen that says "+Create New Topic". Just click.

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On 10/24/2020 at 9:48 PM, Ryo Watanabe said:

Oh wait I think I got it!! It’s alright guys haha. Thanks. just needed to download the Invision Boards app.

What was incisions board app are you iOS. I have had it tor awhile but it was acting crazy so deleted and was gonna re install now I’m stuck at this same part

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