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Hey. I was at my local pets supplies plus the other day and I was looking at the fish and I stumbled upon a tank that had Cory cats. The label was most unhelpful because all it said was “mixed corydoras”. Can anybody tell me what kind of Cory this is? He was the cutest looking thing ever and had such sweet eyes but I’ve never seen a Cory that color before. He was a juvenile so maybe he still had to get his spots or stripes but can anybody identify the species for me? I would like to get a school of them if possible but PSP only had 2 of them, not to mention, my tank isn’t cycled yet so taking them home was a no go. Thanks.7C8723DD-D2CD-4AE6-BE6D-5B5747622ED8.png.15a17e783e6d1b565a0ff9dc942d1a39.png

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