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glad to be here from Central Texas!

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morning y'all!  Long time lurker, first time poster...I grew up with in a menagerie but we never had fish, one of my aunts had her home filled with aquariums when I was growing up (we're talking at least one ten gallon in every room, including the bathrooms 🙂 plus a few 55s here and there), always thought keeping fish would be cool but super complicated.  Decided to bite the bullet and get a betta in 2007, loved him and the hobby immediately (rest in peace Elton), ended up with 4 more boy bettas and a sorority tank, decided to get a ten, we were at the chain store looking at kits and a nice guy came up to us and offered us his entire ten gallon setup cause he was upgrading....

Long story short, I've had that ten running for 15 years now, I have three more tanks running, about to upgrade one of those...the rest is history, thanks for having me!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! 

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