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My Fluval Flex 15

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It's really late and I gotta get some sleep soon, but I just wanted to get this in after my introduction thread!

I'm new to this and only kept bettas for the last 7-8yrs. I had a 40 long with my dad as a child, but now as an adult I really appreciate the thought of making a planted tank ecosystem


Stock so far:

3/M + 6/F Endlers Livebearers (bought as endler assorted from my LFS but the males look like black bars and one is kind of red/violet with a black dot)

Buce in a cup from petsmart on the crushed coral rock in the front corner

Java Fern

W-Java Fern (on spider wood)

Four Leaf Clover plant


Jungle Val

Water Lettuce

A singular piece of duckweed that I want to see how fast it grows because I've never had duckweed. Call me crazy!


Quick Overview:


Showing off my 3 males real quickly. I'll get better pictures later.


FYI: The videos I uploaded are 2160p 60fps. Slow them down if you want and make sure to bump that quality up!

Let me know what you think! This is my first actual aquascape with all natural stuff.

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