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Help me build my wishlist/ cart! THE CO-OP SHIPS TO CANADA!!!


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Thats right folks! Aquarium Co-Op finally ships to canada! For us canadians, im jumping up and down with excitement. However a signficant portion of the website cannot be shipped to canada for border control reasons (food, electronics, plants). I was mostly bummed out hearing about the electronics not being able to get shipped, but its understandable. Im hoping they can work something out with the border sometime to allow some of these items to cross.

However its time to start my first co-op order!!!

I have already recieved the towel, root tabs, and murphy hat through the CARE Forum care package i received last march. 

What are your must haves that the co-op offers that is possible to ship to canada.

Heres what my cart includes:

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Well if I am spending your money…🤣

let’s start fun. It’s COOP of course a Murphy decal. 
Agree airstone…add the awesome airline it is fabulous.  
The brine shrimp eggs are superior by far to others I tried. 
extreme food…good stuff. 
Edit….oh no I missed the no food 😭

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